About Us


TFRGM is an end time ministry driven by the Spirit of God for souls. We are a core deliverance and healing ministry with prophetic inclinations. We believe in the Word as the bases for faith which is the drive of the miracle working power of God.
We see the Lord by His Spirit using the ministry as a powerful tool to convey messages of hope;

To heal the broken of the world

To bring deliverance to nations

Opening prison gates for the captives

To proclaim years of God’s grace upon the people

Giving visions to the spiritually blind

To bring direction to the teaming lost youth of this world

Prayer ministry

Prayer as our backbone is the bed rock of our activities, according to the scripture that states, “be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God” (Philippians 4:6). So, as a church, we believe in prayer as a weapon and also as an act of spiritual warfare. In light of this, we teach this act of warfare through the Word, intensive prayer and intercession. We use prayer as an instrument to tackle the kingdom of darkness and all spiritual wickedness in high places using the power of the Word stipulated in Philippian 2:10 “that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, thing in heaven, and things on earth and things under the earth”.
Also, we engage in seminars for Pastors and Ministers, giving guidance and counselling to the hopeless, restricted and spiritually disturbed.

The choir

We are a faith transforming group that creates the bond that unities us as a church, leading the congregation in worship to the throne of grace. Our mandate is to anchor the movement of the church from physical realm to spiritual realm without shifting their focus from the person of Christ. We serve as an evangelical arm to bring fresh fire on the altar of souls with the aim of making them worship in spirit and in truth.

Choir anniversary
Every year we come together from far and wide to offer massive praise to God, to bring about divine healing and visitation, to bring down ancient walls and proclaim all round victory. Connect with us.

Christian Education

This is a department that coordinates every writing and teaching activities in the church they produce materials for teaching Sunday school, bible studies, baptismal manuals and every other Christian training material. It is an assemblage of people well vast in the scriptures and spirit filled who are able to handle doctrinal issues by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Such education is characterized by love, trust, responsibility and discipleship. Our goal is to help promote the right relationship with God and our fellow brethren.
 We aim at bringing people to the faith with insight from God’s Word
 To led people to minister to others through the ministry of the church
 To develop the understanding and wisdom based upon knowledge as found in the scripture.


Our Youth

This ministry create an enabling environment in which youth are exposed to the gospel and brought into the presence of Jesus Christ. The ministry, led by the Holy Spirit, is aimed at helping in the transformation of the 21th century youth by providing a wide range of teaching, training, relational, behavioural and spiritual services through seminars and retreats to maximize the potential of the young lives we come in contact with.
The department also creates entrepreneurship developmental programs to eradicate joblessness at large.

The Children

Children are said to be the heritage of the Lord, seen as pure and righteous. We are required to engage them at an early stage with the right things. We are focused on raising Godly children, prepared and groomed for the future as they move through each stage of growth. We are determined to share and teach the Word of God in a manner that can be easily understood so our children can grow and be strong in the spirit filled with wisdom and the gifts of the spirit (Proverbs 22:6)
Every year we have a volunteer training event to help develop our children as grooming a leader takes time to start and what better time to start than now.


Our Ministries

We see the Lord by His Spirit using the ministry as a powerful tool to convey messages of hope

Home makers

We are determined to help in building the home, to help guide couples or couples to be. Counselling singles ready for marriage and couples with marital issues. We offer spiritual guidance on building a happy Christian home.
Late in the year we help reconnect couples by organizing our yearly couples’ lunch and the Love Feast which holds at the beginning of the year with the aim of helping families come together to wine and dine with God.

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We are responsible by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to care for the physical needs and offer emotional and spiritual support to the displaced.
We often provide financial support and help in legal affairs. We assist in personal care and health care. Preaching the word of God to the restricted, helping the disabled, homeless, drug addicts and widows.

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Evangelism as stated by the greatest evangelist Jesus Christ is an investment we as His followers are to make. Bringing lost souls back to the kingdom is a very important role we as a church are willing to take on. The invitation to repentance comes with love, care and respect.
The ministry has taken up the project Christ left behind for the church reaching out to prisoners, the sick, drug addicts and more in line with the instructions of Jesus; “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

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Pastor Ademola Isaac Adefiranye

Lead Pastor

is a spirit filled man of God with uncommon grace for deliverance and healing. He is a seasoned writer known for his prophetic incisiveness. He has spoken in several conferences both home and aboard. He is uncommonly humble and has mentored many leaders and youth. He is married and blessed with children.